March 20, 2015

Mascot lander is in perfect health

All the scheduled operations for the commissioning test went nominally

The three months since the launch allowed the critical operations for Hayabusa 2 and to proceed with the different commissioning tests of the equipments and payloads. The first commissioning test for Mascot took place on December 16. All the scheduled operations for this test went nominally and the telemetry analysis demonstrated that Mascot was in perfect health!

For Hayabusa, two majors steps of the in-flight commissioning were passed successfully and validated the good functioning of the 4 ionic thrusters (of which 2 in autonomous functioning during 24 hours) as well as the Ka-band communication system (it is a first for Japan in an interplanetary mission).

This commissioning will continue to end all the scheduled tests for the payloads as well as a few special operations of attitude control. The next Mascot operations are scheduled for July 2015 with a more complex programming than during the good health test and will be renewed every 6 months until the arrival on the asteroid mid-2018.

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