April 11, 2019

Events archive

2018 EvENTS

September 2018: Japan’s MINERVA-II-1 and 2 rovers land on Ryugu.

03/10/2018: MASCOT lands on Ryugu.

14/08/2018: primary and back-up landing sites for MASCOT selected at CNES in Toulouse with the MASCOT science community and Hayabusa2 representatives.

Summer 2018: characterization of the asteroid.

27/06/2018: the mission arrives in the vicinity of asteroid Ryugu.


December 2016 - April 2017: second phase of continuous ion engine operation.

2016 Events

12/01-12/02/2016: Meeting of Hayabusa2 scientific team at Jaxa.


Hayabusa2 / MASCOT Scientific Team - Credits JAXA

11/22/2016: Beginning of the second ionic thrust phase which will last until April or May 2017

11/08-11/12/2016: Calibration tests for the on-board experiments.

DLR Lander Control Center engineers in Cologne switched on the 4 instruments on-board the shoe box-sized lander, in order to test the calibration of the experiments. The instruments had a nominal behaviour.

2015 events

10/2015: Hayabusa2 goes towards... Ryugu asteroid

03/2015: MASCOT lander is in perfect health...

2014 events

12/03/2014: Successful Launch of Hayabusa2!

Late in 09/2014: Departure of Hayabusa2 for Tanegashima launch site.

07/02-07/03/2014: MASCOT Finale Acceptance Review

06/16/2014: Delivery by DLR of MASCOT Flight Model to JAXA

Beginning of 06/2014: Thermal vacuum tests

In Japan: MASCOT Qualification Model participates to the Thermal vacuum tests while integrated to Hayabusa2.

At DLR: Thermal vacuum tests of MASCOT Flight Model (FM) before delivery to JAXA.
The FM will be integrated to Hayabusa2 before the vibration tests.

04/2014: Integration of MASCOT Qualification Model inside Hayabusa2 Flight Model