September 28, 2018


Hayabusa2 is a Japanese mission being developed under JAXA responsibility.

An MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between JAXA and DLR defines the engagement of the 2 parts to carry the MASCOT lander on Hayabusa2.

A general agreement between DLR and CNES defines the cooperation between the 2 agencies, a specific cooperation agreement defines the cooperation agreements for MASCOT.

DLR is responsible for:

  • developing the MASCOT lander,
  • delivering MASCOT to JAXA,
  • developing  the MASCOT ground segment,
  • preparing and leading MASCOT operations.

CNES is responsible for:

  • delivering the power sub-system,
    • primary batteries
    • PCDU (Power Control and Distribution Unit)
  • delivering the antennas,
  • delivering MicrOmega,
  • managing the lander mission analysis,
  • computing the MASCOT-Hayabusa2 link budget integrating the performances of the antennas and of the CCOM equipment supplied by Jaxa.

In addition, CNES supports DLR for the integration of French deliveries at MASCOT system level, the preparation and leading of the operations for MicrOmega, the power and communications sub-systems.